Agworld’s financial and ERP system integrations will streamline your budgeting, reporting and billing processes. The ability to integrate your agronomic and financial data will allow you to make data-driven decisions; mitigating your risk and increasing your profitability.

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Data is critical to any business, and agriculture is no different, but you have to be able to easily create exactly those reports that are relevant to you. Agworld has standard reporting available for its users and, through integrating with Microsoft Power BI, allows for unlimited and unparalleled customized reporting to be created. Need to report on a specific set of metrics that is crucial to your business? The Agworld platform has you covered.

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Microsoft Power BI

Data Visibility

Microsoft has long been one of the world’s most prominent IT businesses and, with Power BI, Microsoft leads the pack when it comes to interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities. Connect your Power BI account to your Agworld account and use one of our popular standard reports or create any customized report you desire.

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Adding inventory management capabilities to the Agworld Ecosystem has long been at the top of the feature request list for many of our users. Being able to accurately determine product levels across a farming enterprise is critical for optimum inventory usage and ensuring that applicators have enough product to finish their work orders without having to wait for more product to be delivered.

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Inventory management for Agworld users

Shed by Farmready

Shed by FarmReady is a farm inventory management solution that offers a simple and streamlined way to track stock movements and gain better visibility of inventory levels by storage location. Better visibility of inventory insights will help you prevent product supply issues and improve efficiency with optimum stock levels. This two-way integration uses actuals to automatically update stock on hand, and displays the inventory levels back in Agworld via a frame on the map.

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Connect your Agworld account to your machinery through our integrations with machinery partners. Easily share your job data from Agworld and automate your data collection from your machines.

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John Deere


All modern John Deere machinery gets supplied with data capture capabilities that link back to the cloud-based John Deere Operations Center. Field Operations and the associated data can be imported into Agworld directly from the Operations Center, you can attach this data to jobs in Agworld to verify products, rates and as-applied maps.

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Slingshot is a suite of connected hardware, software, and logistical services that optimize planning, executing, and recording field applications. Utilize Agworld’s integration with Slingshot to send controller files to your machinery.

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Offline, easy file transfer. Precision controller files in Agworld can be transferred directly onto a SanDisk iXpand drive on the iPad. This can then be plugged into any farm machinery to copy the controller file across.


Agworld’s precision integrations give you access to your precision data where you need it. Our precision partners are world leaders in providing precision software and decision support tools. You can be more confident in your decisions and improve your communication with your clients by having all of your data in one place.

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Precision Cropping Technologies started in 2001 and has developed many industry firsts in the space of precision agriculture. With a focus on solutions that help growers and agronomists make better decisions, PCT works with a wide range of geospatial data in every agricultural industry. Field information can flow from your Agworld account to your PCT Agcloud account and data layers from your PCT Agcloud account can imported into your Agworld account.

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Satamap, part of Precision Cropping Technologies, is a web-based platform for viewing and analyzing satellite imagery and is available anywhere in the world. Satamap is designed for farmers, consultants and other professionals that want to excel at decision making in any agricultural industry. You can view Satamap imagery in Agworld to make ground truthing easy, simply click on the SVI button on the bottom right of your Agworld maps page on the website or our iOS apps to download the latest imagery.

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Using the power of on-farm trials to improve fertilizer decisions.

Laconik enables growers and their advisers to easily conduct on-farm trials. The trials are scientifically valid, easy to design and hassle free to implement, harvest and analyze. Use Laconik and start measuring financial returns from fertilizer.

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